Looker, how to manage your LookML project

The problem

  1. I’m a developer, I can code and commit on my personal or shared branch (only use shared branch please)
  2. Then I can merge my commit to production

The solution

  1. Pull Request REQUIRED. After a developer commits changes to their development branch, the Git button in the Looker IDE prompts the developer to open a pull request. The developer must open a pull request to merge their development branch into the production branch. Then, other Looker developers can review and approve the pull request from the Git provider’s web interface. You will have also to define your Pull Request process in your Git provider. Meaning, your LookML developer CAN NOT validate and deploy his own Pull Request.
  2. Advanced deploy mode REQUIRED. With the option you can pick and choose the right commit to deploy. So it’s really easy to define which commit will be production ready and also roll back if you have any trouble. And do not forget to tag your deploy!
  • Tech Lead, his role is to confirm Pull Request and deploy commits in the Advanced Deploy Mode. He will also support developers and share best practices
  • LookML Developer, his role to code LookML commit and create Pull Requests

What should I do next?

  • Pull Request required
  • GitFlow managed with only the Tech Lead with approver role
  • Advanced Deploy Mode
  • And a rhythm to manage everything
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